Slim Beauty Knot

Looking for a Fishing Knot with a slim profile and easy and quick to tie. This may just fill the top spot, the Slim Beauty Fishing Knot. Taking a deeper look this knot combines the Uni Knot or Double Overhand knot on the leader end and the Clinch knot on the main line side of things. Fairly quick to tie but does the Clinch knot end let the Slim Beauty Fishing Knot down. There are various tricks and tips when tying this knot and various differing methods also. Join us a Toit Fishing as we Unwrap this tried and tested fishing knot.

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How To

Have you tried this good knot before? The main difference between the Trilene knot and its predecessors is the introduction of a secondary wrap around the hook eye with an amended tuck at the end.

Knot Overview

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Possibly one of the Strongest Line to Line Fishing Knots I have tested. Totally underestimated this knot. This knot really does perform on Braid Fishing Line. Ideal Leader to Mainline fishing Knot.

our Summary


Very easy to tie, especially if you use the Uni knot trick on the leader knot end. Super Slim profile allows it to run thru the rod eyes fairly easily. Possibly one of the Strongest Braid to Fluoro line to line connections there is.


Although the Clinch knot is prone to slipping. If you follow the correct amount of wraps and the technique shown in the How to and the WSFK video, you will not be disappointed.


9 / 10

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