Available in clear blue (Medium) and clear black (Large) So, what sets our Pliers Tether or Tool Lanyards apart from the rest of the pack? We have opted for M3.5 Stainless Steel Quicklinks rather than the normal carabiner as these have less areas for sand, grit and dirt to affect the functionality of the connection. The clear TPU coil is Ø4mm and makes every effort to return to its original shape unlike some of the 1mm to 2mm diameter coils. The Tether has a Stainless Steel cable coated in either clear blue or clear black Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer to form a Ø4mm Coil Tether. It's perfectly suited for all our Toit 6" Pliers, our Toit Leather Sheath and our Toit Pliers Holders.

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Find out what sets our Coil Lanyards or Pliers Tethers apart form the rest of the pack.


Clear Blue Tether TPU coated wire, 10" retracted length, 36 inch extended length
Clear Black Tether TPU coated wire, 14" retracted length, 69 inch extended length
Stainless Steel M3.5 Quicklinks
Designed to cope with extremes of salt water fishing
Aluminium crimps with vinyl caps
Designed to fit the Toit Leather Sheath, Toit Pliers Holder and 6" Pliers (Sold Separately)
Ø4mm Thremoplastic Polyurethane coated coil Stainless Steel cable, with superior elastic coil

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