Round Nose Pliers

Looking for a tool to bend and form your single strand fishing wire into any shape imaginable? Well look no further! Our Round Nose Pliers are designed so the inner edges of the jaws are touching when the tool is in a closed position. This will allow various wire sizes to be held securely while forming into position. Our Round Nose Pliers are made from a Stainless Steel drop forging. It can be used alongside the Haywire Twist Tool. It is the perfect tool to use for all your knot tying applications. Have you ever struggled to cinch a terminal knot up on a swivel or a hook or had difficulty holding the item? These Round Nose Pliers are the ideal solution and will allow you to put ample pressure on your knot when cinching up. The holes in the handles also provide a good way to hold a single or treble hook while cinching your knot up.

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The inner edges of our Long Nose Pliers jaws are parallel. This is uncommon in most Round Nose Pliers. It allows for a firm grip on small diameter wires.


Stainless Steel 410 J1 Drop Forging
Inner face of jaws is parallel
Used to form single strand wire
Can be used to form a Haywire Twist
Internally spring loaded for easy operation
PVD Tialn surface coating
Ergonomic hand finished design
Designed for hand/grip comfort
Designed to fit the Toit Leather Sheath (Sold Separately)
Environmentally friendly product, no rubber/plastic/silicone handle
All metal design - No plastic to fall off, shrink or get damaged
Highly polished surface finish
Important....rinse, wipe clean, lightly oil for smooth operation after use.

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