Where Elegance meets Functionality!
Tired of 'Multi' or 'All-in-One' fishing tools with compromised features and inadequate design?
Take a look at our innovative designs; each tool is designed for optimal usage.
Designed and engineered by a fisherman for a fisherman.
Find the right tool for the right job.

Toit Product Range

What sets us aPart ?

Every tool we design and develop, pushes the boundaries in this ever improving engineering arena. Regrettably, gone are the days of blacksmith tools, where things were made with iron and fist. Fishing and our environment deserves the utmost respect. This is why we have opted to, as far as possible, create products that will not end up in landfill sites around the globe. Can this blacksmith era return and can we, as fishermen, try to make an impact?

Picture of Warren du Toit
Warren du Toit
Principle Designer

Our Design Strategy!

Too many products rely on this "ALL-IN-ONE" approach and provide an unsatisfactory solution to each job. Aspects of our designs encompass the Look, Feel, Handling, Comfort, Ability of the actual tool. Designing CNC Tooling for Aerospace, Motorsport and F1 is one thing but designing tools for the Fishing industry demands another set of rules. There are so many bespoke requirements to any fisherman's needs that require bespoke tools. From de-hooking, cutting wire, shearing cable, making rigs, each discipline needs a specific solution. To meet these requirements we have stripped away the norm and provided solutions for each requirement. These all encompass our ethos of making bespoke and reliable tools for each and every fisherman needs.

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