Trilene Knot

Trilene Knot

This fishing knot was developed by professional anglers Jimmy Houston and Ricky Green in the late 1970s, the knot evolved out of experimentation during promotional events for Trilene branded monofilament, a fishing line manufacturered by Berkley. Both men favored the idea of naming the knot after themselves, though Berkley ultimately applied its own name, the Trilene Knot.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

  • Easy to tie, accessible for young children.
  • Very linear neat knot.
  • Tag faces downwards.
  • Great for preventing weed in fresh water areas.
  • Improved clamping of the tag end detail.
  • Prone to slippage if the tag is cut too short.
  • You will need to add additional wraps fro braid lines.
  • Due to the clamping of the tag in the initial tightening of the knot, certain thicker monofilament lines are prevented from tightening. Excessive force is required to tighten this knot with really thick flurocarbon and monofilament which is a problem for cinching up the knot especially if you are a junior angler, it will lead to lost fish.

How to tie an Trilene Knot

Have you tried this awesome knot before? The main difference between the Trilene knot and its predecessors is the introduction of a secondary wrap around the hook eye with an amended tuck at the end. Coming Soon!!

Trilene Knot Overview

Great knot for fly fisherman, there is very minimal waste when tying this knot. Coming Soon!!

Testing the Trilene Knot

Is this Fishing Knot Really That good? Join us and see whether its as good as everyone sais it is?