Surgeon's Knot

Line to line connections, Such an integral part and cornerstone to every fisherman’s Knot Library. Find out, “How To” tie the Surgeon’s Knot today. This knot can be used for Mono to Mono, Mono Leader to Braid and Fluoro Leader to Braid. This is a fantastic knot to learn if you are a child or just starting on your fishing adventure. Use 5 Wraps for your Braid variants and only 2 wraps required for your Fluoro and Mono combinations. The Surgeon’s Knot has to be the easiest knot to show someone starting out on their fishing journey.

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How To

Have you tried tying possibly one of the easiest fishing knots known. Join us at Toit Fishing to find out How To tie this simple knot.

Knot Overview

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This may be the easiest Fishing Knot in the world but does it hold up under all these various line to line configurations.

our Summary


Easy to tie, accessible for young children.
Neat knot.
Takes seconds to tie. Allowing most anglers many more hours fishing each weekend


Prone to slippage on Braid alterations.
Knot struggles to tighten up uniformly in a lot of braid combinations.
Slippage can easily occur if the incorrect amount of wraps is used, especially when using to correct braid to either Monofilament or Fluorocarbon.


6 / 10

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