San Diego Jam Knot

The San Diego Jam Knot has got to be the best named knot there is, just love the name, it even mentions food. That’s got to be a good thing. Great story to the knot also is the start of the name, where it was made famous by the Tuna fleets fishing out of San Diego, and they would use the railings to the captains disgust I bet, for holding the hook end while making the knot, kinda like a 3rd hand. Possibly one of very few modern knots that manages to tie monofilament, dyneema and spectra braid and flurocarbon with much success.

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How To

If its strong enough for the tuna fleets operating out of San Diego U.S.A, it has to be strong enough for the avid recreational fisherman. Coming Soon!!

Knot Overview

In depth look into a knot that literally Jams the Tag end in two places within the knot. That’s gotta to give you the edge on any tricky fish. Coming Soon!!


Does Fluorocarbon perform that well? Find Out Here. There are loads of Graphs, Charts and Data to look at on all three line types. San Diego Jam Knot certainly may be one of the most popular fishing knots around.

our Summary


Really strong knot. Works great on all fishing lines. Secures the tag end detail really well. Works really well on Fluorocarbon Lines


Complicated to tie if you are new to knot tying. Tag end is problematic for freshwater fisherman in weed areas.
Problematic tying with Monofilament, the front of the knot has a Pinch point, creating issues for softer Monofilament,


8 / 10

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