Haywire Twist

Haywire Twist, if tied correctly, this connection will provide an almost 100% effective connection to any toothy critter leader. Not only does it look neat but also allows the hook, swivel, lure plenty of room to move. typically this connection is made using either a single or double piece of single strand stainless steel wire. take a look at the links below to find out more about out Toit Fishing Haywire Twist Tool, how to make a Haywire Twist and find out exactly how strong this connection truly is.

Find out more about the Haywire Twist

How To

Not sure of the correct technique. Join us at Toit Fishing to find out how to make a single and a double Haywire Twist. We will also show you how to remove the tag end like a boss.

Toit Haywire Twist Tool

We have developed a tool that makes making a Haywire Twist a really simple task. Take a look, you may be just be impressed.


We recently invested in a new 5000 Newton Load Cell. This gives us the ability to Tensile test a haywire Twist and we will show you why this connection really does pack a punch.

our Summary


Easy to tie, accessible for young children.
Allows for free movement of hook and swivel.
Easy to remove the tag end.
Basically a 100% connection.


Wire can get tangled or bent, but the simple solution is to use a thicker wire or a doubled up piece of wire.


10 / 10

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