Gt Knot - Actual Version

This fishing knot surely does have the potential to be one of the strongest line to line connections available to anglers today.  It may not be as easy to tie as its younger sibling but if you are looking for a challenge and possibly tie one of the most technical knots an angler can tie then this knot may be just for you. This fishing knot bases its core strength on a Bimini Twist in the mainline and and weaved knot similar to the FG knot in the connection detail taking a double main line into a single leader line. 

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How To

Unfortunatlyy this knot has slipped past the way side over the past 10 years or so where its baby sibling has taken all the glory, however this knot is on a whole other level and surely has the potential to be one of the strongest knots to tie.

Knot Overview

Coming Soon !!!


Coming Soon !!!

our Summary


Beautiful looking fishing Knot.
Potentially one of the strongest line to line fishing knots there is.


Wrap counts and the varying wrap counts on a Bimini may effect the strength
You need to tie 3 knots to construct this line to line connection, may take a few minutes.
Not going to be suitable to all fisherman.


? / 10

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