Fishing Knot Library

Beginner to Advanced Fishing Knots

Terminal Fishing Knots

Whether you are looking for an easy fishing knot for your child, or the strongest knot for fastening a hook, take a tour. These knots are great for connecting all terminal tackle. We have generally illustrated the knots with an 80lb smoky blue coloured monofilament line. This will show how some fishing knots may struggle to form on thicker lines especially monofilament and fluro carbon fishing line. Using the menu above you will be able to access data on each knot.  You will find videos on how to tie the knot, a knot overview and knot testing. If in doubt compare your knot to the photos where you will find 4 views. Enabling you to do visual check if you are struggling to tie any particular knot

Moderate to Advanced

Loop Knots

Coming soon.

Moderate to Advanced

Line to Line Connections

Such an integral part and cornerstone to any fisherman’s knot library. Line to Line connections are crucial and play a key role when joining your leader material or rig material to your main line. Modern day lure fishing and fly fishing normally either have a length of Fluorocarbon or Monofilament connected directly to the main line or another section of shock leader. There is and endless library of line to line connections, some really easy to ti such as the Surgeons 

How strong is your knot?

Tensile Strength Testing

Have you ever wondered what the maximum load your fishing knot or fishing line can withstand prior to break. Thats exactly what we do at Toit Fishing. We will be releasing a series of videos capturing actual scientific data about each and every fishing knot we review. All the data will be shared with anyone who supports our channel and wants to improve there knot tying skills. Hoping to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about selecting the right knot for the specific line type. Watch our Series of “WORLDS STRONGEST KNOT”, where we will be testing every knot to destruction and we have embarked upon the largest independent knot and line testing program to ever take place on YouTube.

Our Testing Parameters are as Follows:

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