GT Knot - Viral Version

How many variants are out there of the GT Knot?! if there ever was a competition for the amount of knots with the same name, well today we have the winner…..The GT Knot. There I thought it would be easy just to show you how to tie the GT Knot but in fact all I ended up doing was opening up a can of worms.

Find out more about the Viral version of the GT Knot

How To

Possibly one of the quickest and easiest knots to join a line to line connection with. Ideal for Braid to Mono or Fluoro leader, you also have the option of doubling the line up.

Knot Overview

Ever wondered why or how it is possible for a single name fishing knot to be tied with so many variants and one of the variants will indeed shock you. 


There are many strength claims about this knot, hopefully this will set the records straight with some meaningful information.

our Summary


Easy to Tie
Can be used on all 3 main line types.
Very neat linear knot and on small line types the knot glides thru the rod eyes with ease.


Prone to slippage on braid if incorrect wrap count is used.
Confusion on the Leader knot, this knot is critical make sure a Figure of Eight knot is used and not a Double Overhand knot.
Single Line variant may be weak so be mindful of that.



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