Where Engineering and Fishing Meet. If you are looking for Fishing Tools or Fishing Knots, you’ve found the right place. Having the right bespoke Tool to do the task at hand is paramount. Explore the world of Fishing Knots, New knots, revised knots, Knot Testing. Check out our “How To” and full knot overview of modern knots, providing a great resource for all anglers, young and old. Our aim is to provide a reliable, helpful and knowledge base for any fisherman regardless of experience or achievement. At Toit fishing we will determine the ultimate tensile strength for all fishing knots. 

Fancy a Different Pliers Colour?
Alternate Colours Available, AL-Prussian, AL-Blue, AL-RED, AL-Orange
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Patented Modular Split Ring Pliers
Struggling opening Micro and Large Split Rings?
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Toit Products

Toit’s mission is to develop, improve and reimagine fishing tools with overarching themes of reliability, functionality, durability and environmental sustainability. This is why Toit are creating products that will resist corrosion and do not rely on superfluous plastic parts that will limit the product’s useful life. Designs are elegant and understated, they feel good in the hand and are pleasing to the eye.

Upcoming yOUtUBE Content

Picture of a Haywire Twist Tool
Haywire Twist Tested

Ever wondered how strong a Haywire Twist really is. With our new 5000N Load Cell we can just about break anything fishing. How awesome is that, take a look at the teaser below.

Picture of Toit Fishing Studio

In this series of videos we will be looking at how to tie the strongest fishing knot for each and every fishing knot. We will be look at the maximum forces these knots can withstand and see which ones come out on top. Take a look at our content. Join us for the "WORLDS STRONGEST FISHING KNOT".

What Can't You Tie?

Explore the world of fishing knots, new knots, revised knots, guidance.  

Check out our ‘How To’ and full knot overview of modern knots, providing a great resource for all anglers.

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